The I don’t want to live in a parking lot explanation even more simplified

Fred Dibnah felling a mill chimney in Prescot, Liverpool on 25 September 1983.

The I don’t want to live in a parking lot explanation even more simplified for those of you on the ground

We have made millions of dollars — made millions of dollars and spent millions of dollars — to live in South Redlands in the hills.

Example 1:
If a Pest Control Company truck pulls up at 6:00 AM in the residential million dollar neighborhood where I live and starts talking with a open window about his jobs and his company gossip it goes into my open window where I am sleeping. He is at his parking lot stop doing business. He woke me up in my house. I might as well drive to his pest control company parking lot and sleep there. Thanks for driving by on your way home and telling everyone how you feel whoever you are.

I call them The Truck People

We have ~40 of them a day stopping and or parking in our 3 blocks. We can not see them because they are “like parked a couple aisles over”, but they are here. Plus the maids, cleaners, lawn services,nurses and caregivers. +++ Traffic starts at about 7:00AM with small cars coming into the area so I assume they don’t live here.

A Stop is NOT Parking at a Job Site

Standing is  stopping the vehicle for a moment or a few minutes with the engine on or the engine off to do business.


The people in the parking lot or driving through it don’t usually matter too much, unless the residents talk about them
Get nervous
They wake you up in your house
Heaven Forbids It:
They talk about the homeowners in their homes OR threaten them. (1)

Eample 2:
Churches have business licenses.
If another church is doing business near me or trying to talk to me.  I have my own church business, it’s a family business with a trademarked church name and it publishes things like books and websites.  It’s a business just like theirs so I don’t appreciate it.



(1)  Heaven forbid(s): That means its in the Lord’s lessons in the Christian Bible  doesn’t it —of course the line preceding it as well.
[In the memory of Fred Dibnah, MBE thanks Fred for the inspiration.]

Fred Dibnah memorial A lasting memorial for Fred in his home town but not everybody is convinced that it is a true likeness. The glass case behind contains a locally built preserved steam engine. 14 September 2008 From AU: Chris Allen Chris Allen / Fred Dibnah memorial / CC BY-SA 2.0 Click on image for a link to Fred’s House

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