I am living in a parking lot in a South Redlands residential neighborhood

I am living in a parking lot in a South Redlands residential neighborhood

I live in a parking lot with bad cell coverage and a 5 way intersection. It’s a busy parking lot and if you park an aisle over we don’t know who you are when you talk to us. So we don’t care about you because we can’t see you and the phones don’t work. [humor]

This parking lot has: Amazon trucks (they look cool), Fed Ex Trucks, UPS trucks, Garbage Trucks (for two days in a row). Lawn Mower Service Trucks, Pool Service Trucks, Construction Worker Trucks, Frontier Phone Trucks, Cable TV trucks, Tree Service Trucks all parking in the neighborhood. (1)

It’s a parking lot. In reality every 15 minutes you have someone new parking somewhere in the neighborhood. If you take the amount of trucks and say there are three vendors for each category then you will have roughly 40 vehicle stops divided into work sites and deliveries. In a 10 hour day that’s one every 15 minutes. The intersection where I live has roughly 1600 to 2300 car trips passing through it  per day by camera count. In today’s world if you talk outside your home during the day it’s just like a parking lot. If you can not see the person talking to you or they do not use their name you have to assume that you are in a parking lot or talking to random people on the street because in real reality you are.

Let’s go to the parking lot and talk to construction workers is not something I want to do for fun. OR Let’s go to the parking lot and talk to the people getting out of their cars. I really do not want to do that at all.

It’s a multi-million dollar parking lot. Homeowners and residents had to earn or make millions of dollars to be here, millions and to have it ruined by talking to parking lot people? There is no way I am going to sit here and listen to parking lot people try to ruin my life again. Think about it for one momenthow do you feel in a parking lothow would you feel having your house in a parking lot?  It’s not safe — I kept quiet for years but I lived near a noisy intersection with the elderly who would not call the emergency department when I needed it because they did not hear me and the parking lot people were talking very loudly to each other. They don’t know who’s talking and I don’t know who’s talking.

Look at the next post and just know that the house I lived at in Arcadia had a shopping center and supermarket called Alpha Beta at the top of the street. It’s OK to think about the situation like this. It is roughly the same all over Southern California. It’s just the simple fact that during the business day parking lot rules apply and people do not realize it. You have to know that in reality with this much traffic your street becomes essentially a parking lot. Commercial vehicles should park in commercial areas if possible to do paperwork and talk to each other. It’s really simple and it’s OK.


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I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings in America, both inside and out. It is one of the gems of our town, Redlands, CA

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Smiley Library, Redlands, CA 2013

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The Witch Says We Have Ghosts Here

Muggle Ghosts

You can’t see them, but you can hear them and they won’t use their name.
They say they are Christian mediums. I thought being a medium was against the bible but what do I know. I also thought that Christians did not own the traditional Gypsy and Pagan businesses like magic and witchcraft and traveling caravans.

The Witch says we have muggle ghosts here and they are parking in the houses sometimes. (laager)