Worshipping The Frying Pan In Arcadia California 1970’s

Worshipping The Frying Pan In Arcadia California 1970’s

To the crazy person who came by my house:
You are out of the hospital now I suppose?
Please get out of my life. This is what you want to see and hear. You are welcome to listen to the real recording. I don’t hear anything other than the breath of a child and Pan. I know you need to do this this to get the messages. I don’t need your confessions or your help anymore. I hope you find peace. You used to come around The Xxxxxx and take psychedelics hoping to hear the messages from Xxxx to Xxxx. You said you took Z to the Zoo many years ago. I get it I understand what you want I do not have contact with them right now because of people like you. I wasted my life and the last 15 years listening to your crazy stuff  and I say no thank you to meeting with you.
My social hostages are dead.

I am referring to incidents over 45 years old in Arcadia California.
I am writing it to help the children who went through this in Arcadia with me, they are now in their 50’s. In the city I live in now we have had 25 million dollars in settlements in 5 years because of abuse incidents in the schools that were reported to the police but nothing was done about it. Hence the settlements.

A issue for the children and the parents:
If there is bullying and abuse at school one question to ask always is there a tie in to the neighborhood or abuse at home or church. Once a child is known to be “bully-able or abusable”  it spreads with the children and then other predators pick up on it and the case grows more widespread as people hear about it. Being aware of people who express themselves inappropriately to children is the first step to being able to protect yourself and your family. Take a picture or video it and tell law enforcement yourself. Camera systems in public places often times will not provide footage of incidents for you. You need to do it for your children’s safety or for your own.

The thing people do not realize about my case(s) is that people participated in this “radical new child upbringing” and after a point they realized it was child abuse couched in Christianity where they used bible verses like  these ones:

Prov 22:15: “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” Foolishness being laughter and saying silly things that made no sense but were childrens rhymes. Foolishness was to be driven by the rod from the child. Beaten out of them.

Prov 23:13-14: “Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell (i.e. death).”

“If they found themselves with the beast within them tempted by satan into a strange attraction with the child, god provided a way out so they could endure the temptations of the devils. When you found yourself tempted if you beat the child with the rod you delivered the soul from the devil who was tempting you with the sex of the child.”

To beat your child to save him was what they were doing in my adopted families group of people. They got caught doing it and did it in front of people in public. This ended up in a social blackmail situation. They invited other people to discipline their children and sometimes they participated. Imagine that proud to be seen disciplining your child in public. Making them sit at your feet during meals under the table at restaurants like the animals they were. Asking the waiter if it was clean under the table for your children. Snapping your fingers at them and having them respond like trained dogs. Sitting at the front door in chairs on display when guests came over.

They got caught doing it. They were proud of what they were doing. Proud of how well trained their children were. Yes we went to the doctors for it. Yes in my case child protective services and the police were involved.

Who’s hand was it that hit the child?
Was it a Christian hand?

There were other situations where that type of discipline made the children more available to be bullied and battered at school. This  is where the take your hand off your heart protests came from. There was a group of boys egged on by their parents who were smashing heads into drinking fountain walls and bathroom stalls at the elementary school. People and hall monitors made reports and knew who they were but they were not disciplined and thrown out of school. The reports were ignored for a few years and finally we started not saying the pledge of allegiance. There are two versions of that story one is because of the general battery and spankings and the other one is “race based because I was almost a albino”, which is “code” for I am not explaining something on purpose here”.

To my other family: Yes they were also practicing some kind of spirit exercise where the “dying of the child” was involved. They thought that the last thing the person or child heard as it died was repeated to the devil’s if the child said it in its mind as it collapsed or died. My adopted mom knew about the abuse as well as the birth parents and all she could do was take pictures of her kids.