Demented people suck

Sunset in forest

Three demented adults in Redlands two in Big Bear Lake.

Live near my houses.

In Redlands some of the demented adults have been demented for over 25 years. Their children were not taking care of them.


In my adopted family we have had family members that voted American Nazi. Amazingly enough not Fritz Otto Kupfer who came over from Germany in 1933.

My birth family is The LaVeys.

Yes, those LaVeys: Diane and Howard. (Anton)

That’s the reason for the child abuse in Arcadia CA when I was a child. That’s the reason the LaVey’s want me to change my name to theirs. That’s the reason I was the unseen representative of the Church in Los Angeles. That’s the reason for The Hekate Sanctuary dedication when I moved here.

Happy Halloween!