It’s a Game, Bite, It’s a Attack!

It’s a Game
It’s a Attack!

Try to avoid these sequences in your life please:

I’m Scared
It’s a Game
It’s a Attack!
Let’s see if we can get somebody else bit.


It’s not responding
Hurt it until it does
How come it’s not responding?
It’s dead?


It’s just a job.
They are not humans.


PS: I opened a book and there it was the thought for the day,..

It’s a Game
It’s a Attack!

Please don’t harass: The Official Middle Class Magic and Witchcraft Religions


There is a Scared Straight going on around me again. +
“We are programming his spirit, that’s the best!”

ERR,.. Shh it’s the big secret! 

It’s harassment of the LaVey family by the same people plus some new ones.

Tough love, scared straight tactics this time. They become abusive and more and more scary eventually ending up driving around the block talking to each other. We have a cafe and a In-N-Out now at the local highway exit. It’s OK to stop now there is a bathroom in a sit down chain cafe that’s open 24 hours.

I hate bad “radical, charismatic, spiritualistic, pentecostal, methodist, baptist, christians” they hurt people on purpose because they think that God is on their side. I have neighbors who identify with those groups of christians and they hurt me to just to get me to talk to them.

Wow,.. They are still using “the secret” shhhh, it’s on the web.

What’s one of the the big secrets?
Taa DAA, It’s:

 The Official Middle Class Magic and Witchcraft Religions!

I personally have two number 1 webpages.

Bing Magic and Witchcraft News
Bing The Witch USA


Screen snaps for those that are scared of the truth:

bing search snap

the witch usa


Afternoon perspective and daily journal:

 Rocky Plaza Yucaipa on Outer Highway South is a Syrian heart attack.

I would double check and make up your own mind first,.. just sayin’. A blonde woman in a car in parking lot said: “it’s not worth it” then the heart attack startle, then the overcharge. See above — So do what you want —I don’t get involved like this on a street level but that’s what’s going on there.

This is the second visit in a week with comments making it out of the store from the wife of the owner on the first visit about “He buys his diet coke here?”. Second visit was a female relative. It’s enough to know that is what’s going on and that is a Syrian corner. Don’t go there if you are a war veteran. This is a old middle eastern sales harassment technique.

Syrian News Flash: Russia leased a airbase from you, and you can’t protect it from ground attack so you get bombed by the airbase. Which is their J.O.B. They are pretty good at it. Just sayin’
From one side of the witches crossroads:
It was boys,..
From the other side:
They paid to be there because they have friends there.
From the center: Go ahead, go see if it’s true, it’s called Magic for a reason. We already saw the news report on the attack on the airbase.

It works like this locally: The Bigots will verbally attack “the witches” (or whoever responds to them) to stir your emotions up, Then they will reach out to “protect people“. They scare you and verbally abuse you then “protect you“.

12:07 PM Wed Jun 19, 2019

Same day second anti magic and witchcraft incident:

This auto parts store is another one AND the abusive talk is connected behind the shop to a customer or neighbor at Tractor Supply Company . IT’s a problem because they are talking in linked details about Hekate’s in public What is a linked detail? Mentioning what was purchased in the auto parts store at another store you are shopping at. That links “the fans” together in a scary way.

While I was buying the items at the auto parts store I mentioned what I was using them for and when I told the owner this he would not look up at me.
I did not hear his voice over at TSC but what I said was repeated.

That’s dangerous talk and that’s a particular network. Why is it dangerous? Because it takes about two seconds to unravel their network. You just have to know bigotry (Anti Witchcraft) exists. Is it scary? No not for me it ends up making me more famous. Which is usually nice except when people screw you over because you are famous. I have people who come up and introduce themselves because of it. It just takes a bold approach to life to overcome.

So someone asked why is Anton LaVey’s name not on the most famous 25 Pagans on Patheos? Answer: It’s a National Church with a Powerful Brand Name. Do you know any of the people on that list?

George Lucas’s name (famous pagan 😉 ) or Gene Rodenberry’s (famous author) name for that matter are not on their either. Leave me out of your shopkeeper games or “whatever group of people you really are” it does not matter to me most of the time, but it matters to you what your reputation is with your friends.

Are you nice? Did you do me a favor or did you hurt me on purpose?

It becomes harassment of the LaVey family pure and simple.
There is no curse “to talk to us”. That is a simple christian lie. I have been in the “famous business for over 50 years now” This is not new, except for the White Nationalists and the Monsters actually killing people.

Why did I miss the LaVey reunions and phone calls?

Radical Christian threats against the LaVey’s in a KKK town. Scared me and created a indirect willful neglect situation when I was ill.
Always and forever the war.


PS: Newsflash for the Iranian Pirates,.. Yer Busted!

PSS: I heart  KML and Z  and I refuse to heart other people who I heart publicly for magical reasons. I don’t want to break their success spells. I am in publishing you know. I am also reverse refuseniking* the scary people! Sheesh on the Jewish words.
[*The current Ban the Bigots campaign]


You just have to tell people what to do. Really?

plants in hawaii

“You just have to tell people what to do.”


I have had about 30 years of someone I vaguely know who says this  line:
You just have to tell people what to do and they will do it.

Today I had enough so I said back:

You just have to tell people what to do and they do it if you pay them.

If you pay them

Give them food and  water, clothe them and care for them, talk to them. Tell them you like them, show some interest in them as a person, value their feedback and ideas. Call them up or write them and ask if they are feeling alright. How is their health? Then if you tell them what to do then they might do it. Personally I ask them, I don’t tell people even when I am paying them.

If you do not have any kind of a relationship with a person you might as well be sitting on a castle on the hill or on a park bench looking at all the people walking by you. Telling them what to do is a iffy thing. Sometimes they might do something that looks like they are doing what you told them to do but that is a coincidence.

Good luck on the rest of your life Keith and Kym Schubert and Marion Wiens plus The Waldschmidts, The Schabows. The Munsons.
AKA The Jet Skiers in the Neighborhood

Back to my book:

At our second house in Arcadia CA we had a 60 foot by 20 foot wide pool that we took care of instead of having a pool service. In Junior High to earn money I was handed a pumice block and was paid .25-.75 cents a foot to stone the tile. The tiles were the little small 1″ ones. That was before I had a car.

Stoning pool tile
Stoning pool tile click to watch a commercial

People got upset at “the family” for doing this. Here I was living in a nice suburban house my adopted father was making $250,000 dollars a year and in later years up to a million dollars a year (1977-1997). He was making his 12 year old stone pool tile for money while in Junior High School. Why? The story in the neighborhood was there was a little blonde albino looking Russian kid being abused by a German family.