We Made Millions To Be Here


Single Family Residence Zones, Some Thoughts on The Matter

We made millions of dollars to be here.

California Blvd in San Marino comes to mind immediately when I think of this type of a issue.

Safety Issue

Work crews stopping and assembling in a residential neighborhood [but not at a jobsite address] conducting “office business” or having “work meetings” is the event that is occuring.

During high traffic hours the presence of light and medium duty work trucks stopping to conduct business constitutes a sightline traffic hazard as well as disrupting the homeowners. The roads are simply not wide enough in some areas for continuous on street commercial vehicle parking. California St./Blvd. was modified to allow for two lane traffic and years later a separate parking lane was put in as well as turn lanes and signals making it a heavy traffic residential street.

Homeowner Disruption

Some vendors do not go to their office but conduct morning meetings in residential areas and they have done so in the same area for years. Belligerency is sometimes the result when competing vendors do this in the same area. They interrupt conversations and sometimes challenge or talk dangerously to homeowners on their properties frightening them. Homeowners obviously do not want to walk out with their bathrobes on to confront “The Work Truck People”.

So let’s take a look at another city in the San Gabriel Valley and see what it looks like:

California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena Screen snap of map
California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena: Screen snap of map centered on Huntington Library and Gardens. That’s Henry Huntington’s estate in the middle. I grew up in this valley just east of Los Angeles. My S.O. and I  eventually opened a design studio that serviced the college textbook industry. We worked on the Huntington Library Quarterly as a semi-favor to the local community years ago. I was also the head “out of house” designer for one of the Getty trusts working on simultaneous web and print production in the same year range of 1995-1999.

Middle/upper-middle-class SFR zoned Rural Residential  and Residential. Early morning, was a continuance of neighbors talking to neighbors, The ones that are usually home not the commuters.

California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena Screen snap of map
California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena screen snap of map

In general you will have several types of homeowner conversations.
Long running ones and shorter ones. Currently at 8:30 in the morning it’s parking lot conversation rules which are similar to an elevator rule or a cubicle rule with less inhibitions. Let’s see if we can get the feel for it a bit more here.


The embarrassment index, similar to the UV Index is around ~20% or more if you are in your yoga pants. 🙂 Basically think about it like homeowners in their sleeping clothes roaming around their houses making breakfast, waking up drinking coffee or tea.

This is a world class neighborhood
Currently  San Marino California has one quarter billion dollars in real estate for sale in about 85 homes. There are billions of dollars in real estate here. Pasadena has two thirds of a billion (668 million 600 homes) dollars of homes on the market. Redlands has 150 million for sale currently with 291 homes on the market. Each sale means a 0.79% average effective tax rate is applied. That means for the 85 homes in San Marino 20 million dollars a year will be collected every single year from those 85 homes in 10 years it will be 24 million dollars. Pasadena will collect 53 million +,  Redlands will collect 12 million dollars + that’s real money.

Here are your current market rough totals for 10 years in property taxes:
San Marino  total after 10 years: $220 million dollars in city funds
Pasadena: $585 million over 1/2 Billion dollars
Redlands: $132 million dollars.

If you lose 10% in market value the city will lose big money year after year. If you lose real estate sales because of belligerent vendors talking dangerously in the neighborhood you will lose millions of dollars. I have witnessed this firsthand, people walking away from real estate sales because of belligerent talk. It has to stop. So why the no standing or stopping laws? Everyone loses when you have to listen to shop talk inside your home. The vendor loses sales, the city loses property taxes, the homeowner loses money because it’s a distraction and a disruption to have to hear it and sometimes be frightened because of it. It’s dangerous talk.

Street view
Street view approaching corner of East California and South Allen in San Marino California

It’s Magic and Witchcraft time,..
Why? Because it’s socially acceptable to talk about that subject and “it’s the women’s secret religion” and as apparently I am the leader of the women’s secret religion. It’s Kitchen Magic Time. 😉

Back to the no stopping or standing commercial vehicles on the street laws between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM. The “Whatcha Guys Doin?” laws I don’t know if San Marino has the exact law I am talking about but it’s probably pretty close and would be in their commercial code somewhere.

Why all the fuss?
We have a problem and it interrupts the neighbor conversations.
We made millions to be here.

Imagine 3 or 4 construction worker trucks stopping and getting out and having a deaf guy conversation at 5:30 AM in front of your house. Imagine a Pest Control Company showing up and parking in front of your house and talking to their office about your property and or things on it at 5:30 AM.

Does it look like a Parking Lot to you?
Does it look like a Commercial Zone?
Does it look like I drive a Garbage Truck?

Does it look like I own a Lawn Mower Truck?

Let’s stand in the intersection in San Marino on the borderline with Pasadena and look around:

600 South Allen looking South
600 South Allen looking South note the low signal height and red zones at corners.
600 South Allen and California looking east
600 South Allen and California looking east
600 South Allen Looking West, you already have looked north earlier in the post
600 South Allen Looking West, you already have looked north earlier in the post

Why do they do that,  stop here?
Construction workers will stop their little portable houses when they need to email or text and before arriving at a job. If they show up at a job site and sit in their truck out front of the house the contractor or homeowner gets upset because they are on “his or her dime” and she needs to get things done.  They are not automatically going to the bathroom in your front yard but if they are, then it might be time for a social embarrassment ambush. Meaning a phone call to their company or a visit to their yelp or google business page and leave a review.

Sponsored by Gypsy Pagan The National Sanctuary and Shrine of Hekate Aphrodite Venus at the Crossroads


Back to looking around again towards Pasadena on California looking for The Truck People:

1700 E California looking west
1700 E California looking west

These truck people have three psychological operating modes that is due to their truck being a little mobile house. [If they pee in a cup in the truck then it’s their bathroom too]

Mode 1: In the truck
Mode 2: Near the truck
Mode 3: Away from the truck

600 Lander Lane Pasadena California
600 Lander Lane Pasadena California: World Class Suburbia San Gabriel Valley Los Angeles California Yes we practiced Magic and Witchcraft around here.

Remember,.. they may not be house friendly people which also applies to the homeowners in their patios or kitchens talking to each other. House friendly means they will let you in their house, how cool is that?

Why do we care?
Think about it for a moment,..

This is where I am from: Arcadia California The very next city east,.. a bit quieter and less traffic This was the second house I lived in.

Different part of Arcadia with a different feel to it:

400 W Orange Grove Upper (north) Arcadia
400 W Orange Grove Upper (North) Arcadia


Where I live now in Redlands California:

Sunset and Elder road
Sunset and Elder Road
Sunset Drive East
Sunset Drive East looking West

Our Elementary School,..

A little busy at times but hey, it’s cool
Yes they put out little signs in the street,.. With a little flag so you can see how small the children are,… Great Commercial Graphics Usage. It forces drivers to look down.
Turning left around the block and up the hills! This is looking south which is up,.. Where I am from North was uphill. Uphill equals more money every time, in every way.
Made it! looking East,.. Desert skies mean less water in the air and it’s at 2200 feet or 670 meters altitude.

Sometimes I do not understand the people in Redlands California but it looks nice enough. It took all my life to buy my first home in a town 55 minutes to the east of where I grew up with my adopted family.
I finally made it into North Arcadia! Except it’s in South Redlands.

My adopted family has been here for 120 years.

This is how the conversation should go around here:
Who’s in the Parking lot over there?
I don’t know!
Why do I care again?
Who’s talking to me?
I don’t know!
Is it someone that works in a parking lot with homeless people?
No it’s The Truck People, they came in a Truck!

Why is it a parking lot again? It’s my house over here?

Achoo,.. There are Truck People and Outside People working here now and they parked and are doing things. I do not know who they are.

Parking lot conversation rules apply after they show up and park here or stop here. Why they don’t park where there is Tea and Pastries I will never know.

A day in the life,..
Yep, Still alive


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Huntington Library Gardens in April 2009 – Wisteria in full bloom
5 May 2009, 16:13

Huntington Library Gardens Wisteria in Spring
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Pamla J. Eisenberg from Anaheim, USA