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I called it link wrappers but hey my server strips it off into my own little onboard link counter,.. which just says: Um,. we served a page or UM we served a image. We have no idea which ad you came from and do not care!

Latest Privacy Badger removes Facebook’s link tracking

The Electronic Frontier Foundation released a new version of Privacy Badger today for Chrome and Firefox that removes link tracking techniques that Facebook uses on its site to track outgoing link activity.

While Facebook knows exactly what its users do when they interact on the site, it would not know nearly as much about links to third-party sites that users interact with if it would not use a technique that is called link shimming.

The main idea behind link shimming is to use a wrapper around the original link so that all activity flows through Facebook servers first before the actual link target is loaded.

Facebook is not the only company that uses link shimming; many major Internet companies including Google or Twitter, use similar techniques.

The screenshot below demonstrates how skimmed links look like on Facebook. The link target is a page on Ghacks, but Facebook wrapped it around its own link target to track user activity.

The Witch Says We Have Ghosts Here

Muggle Ghosts

You can’t see them, but you can hear them and they won’t use their name.
They say they are Christian mediums. I thought being a medium was against the bible but what do I know. I also thought that Christians did not own the traditional Gypsy and Pagan businesses like magic and witchcraft and traveling caravans.

The Witch says we have muggle ghosts here and they are parking in the houses sometimes. (laager)