The LaVeyian Satanist

LaVeyian Satanist

In the 1970’s through 1997 I was the LaVey families personal representative in Southern California. So yes I am familiar with the philosophy and would have been considered a Satanist. I am not nor ever was their spokesperson unless it was upon request.  My standpoint is that traditionally their spokesperson has been one of the Anton LaVey’s children. Karla Maritza LaVey was the first high priestess and Zeena [LaVey] Shreck was their second high priestess and spokesperson.

When Blanche Barton took over —Anton’s third significant partner—the church changed. She wanted her own family and her own stories and memories with Anton. It’s difficult (unethical) to describe the relationships but each relationship is with the individual first, then their partner and finally with the family. As far as I know Blanche never took the family name but took control of the corporate brand name and image. Unfortunately this negated a shared history of what the original private purpose and intention was agreed upon to be.  This shared vision was slightly generationally different as well as different by virtue of location and participation. It’s still remarkably consistent if you know what the philosophy is and what the message is from the devils children.

The only people who could use the family name for publishing books were in the family. Anton’s legacy meant that they could use notes, materials and photos for new revised versions or write new material under their own names but to some of the fans that was anathema. There is a collector market and they collect every new version. There has always been an interest in what the philosophies of the children are as well as avid interest in what it was like to grow up in The Church of Satan.

Extraordinary Kindness and Extraordinary Hate

I think people do not realize how hurtful it was at times and how special it was at other times. As a child having book readers come up to you and loudly talk or yell at you about what Anton wrote was especially difficult as well as people turning their back to talk to you. Literally turning away and then talking to you. That’s hard to bear at times. It’s both respect and an insult at the same time. It hurts or is an insult if you know the person socially or are friends. It means they are recognizing the office of first which hurts. It shows respect when it’s a apology or delivering information. That’s one of the hardest things to get used to. The Office of Priest or Priestess in The Church. You are presented with multiple cultures (1) all the time and it became a personal challenge to maintain decorum and not take in every interaction as something that is done to hurt you.

It’s the human condition: One bad word hurts all day, and one kind word can save a life.

The transfer of respect between father to daughter or father to son is what this is all about.(2)  It’s so very old world, but people still do it on occasion. It depends on the mood and you tear up a bit sometimes or “get harder to reach” and have to disassociate and “get famous for a minute” when that happens.
Graciousness helps but it takes time to get into that role and understand that you need to at least do that on the surface and attempt to be tactful and to not be thoughtless no matter what you are really feeling or thinking. The unfortunate part is when people turn away and you hear their comments to each other. Having a intimate understanding of public persona and private persona is important. Image is important to the general public which is why some people to this day call me “the gardener or the maintenance person” around the house. “If people just want to see what you look like, you might be a little famous.”

Shared Legends, Culture and Magic

The Impact of Ceremony

The transference of shared legends culture and magic is what I would call a  motivator and a driver of society. What is difficult to understand without participating is the difference between a ceremony performed in traditional or cultural clothing and one performed in a 5 piece suit. They are the same ceremony but look vastly different. The participation also feels different depending on the level of belief and how people are emotionally treated.  It feels funny to wear the different clothes but emotionally you can create a shared bond with the other participants.

A ceremony is an act of creation. Among other things it creates feelings of inclusion and exclusion depending on the ceremonial dress and where it is located, whether it is private or public. (3) We perform at a ceremony it is a ritualized set of actions that changes both the performers and the audience. 


(1) Multiple cultures present a opening for conversation, unfortunately having someone call you evil puts a damper on the kind of responses available. “Chasing after them being nice” is a bit of a waste of time and is hard to get used to.

(2) Still to this day I find that a second and a third generation of people still respect Anton LaVey and show it to his children and members of The Church.

(3) When praying or meditating in the natural environment we used to ask if it was a private moment or could we show respect together


Always and Forever The War


Always and forever the war
Forever and ever and never again
Always and forever the war

The war never ended for a lot of people it goes on to this day. It’s always and forever the war. When you hear them talking about what they did to you when you were a child, it’s always and forever the war. Those men and women who did it because they said it wasn’t a sin —they were getting back at your father because he was this or he was that. It’s always and forever the war.

I became estranged a long time ago [15 years ago] from my birth family because of the war. I understand it. They may not want to walk down the street with me, because of the war. WWII to be precise. When Nazi’s find you and abuse you because you are supposedly “Russian”, or “Ukrainian” or a “German Jew”, meaning whatever country they massacred people in, to the Nazis and Neo-Nazis it’s still the same war.

What people do not understand is that times have changed. People are now murdering people in churches in the USA. The country that was founded by people that wanted to move from the UK to somewhere else to be able to practice their religions.

So maybe the reason they don’t talk to me is because of the war.
I would not want to be around someone if it meant people were saying evil things about the person I was with. Maybe they died in the war. Maybe the Nazi’s killed them too. I know I almost died a few times. I get it, I died in the War.

Always and forever the war
Forever and ever and never again
Always and forever the war

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Not a Ghost Shrine

F18 F86 flyby Norton AFB SBD

My house is not a ghost shrine it’s a witch temple shrine.

One of the many issues dealing with the general public with Witchcraft, Paganism and the older term Satanism has always been the people that think they can just stand outside the property and “leave their ghosts” for the witch or priest(ess) to deal with. OR If they are a christian their Victory over Satan is to get you to go to their church, to get you hurt or have you kill yourself.
Hire a Priest or Priestess to fix your haunting problem or your spirituality problem. I am not even going to comment about the other two issues, they should go to jail for doing that and in fact it is domestic terrorism these days.

You can’t just drive or walk around the block saying things three times and expect your spirit or ghost problem to go away. People in the religions used to mail me keys to represent the spirits of the departed (Hekate). Then I could put the soul to rest, it depends on what the problem with the person and the ghost is.

Please do not try to embarrass and harass someone in their house or yard to try to get them to come out to take a picture. Waking people up, or scaring someone just to have some time to talk to a small town famous person is a horrendous way to live a life. If they actually are a Witch or a Satanist, you just make them more small town famous. In today’s world witches are cool and the older ones matter to people, they are the fathers and mothers of a growing religion with the big R.

I have also been asked repeatedly to teach Wicca. I am not a Wiccan. I can not teach it because I represent multiple religions diplomatically. Some links are at the bottom of this page. If you want to buy a book and have people talk about those particular books then you will need to pay for the time to teach or talk to you. Teachers and speakers get paid — it takes a lot of time and energy to write and promote a book or series of books. Families depend on book royalties for income —food is not free, life is not free.

It’s personally sad for me when people try to talk to the souls of the departed and sadder still when christians harass people doing that. I will talk to you/them if you will stop by the property, it’s not a problem. I don’t have a lot of time for it but I have always been available. Please see the next paragraph on how to get ahold of me: has a tap to text button and a tap to call button if people want to talk. There is also free wifi by the garage, look for gypsypagan 2G and gypsypagan 5G. No password needed and it’s a segmented network so no one can see you on there. I put it in for safety because T-Mobile reception is spotty. I am behind a hill from the antenna. Yes we all know that the words gypsy and pagan are pejoratives that is why you need to ask people first if that is a OK word to use.

Today’s flyby as I was writing this post.  A personal aside about my life: You know someone is not local if they are trying to talk to you via karaoke as this flies overhead. I was amazed that someone was doing that, trying to relay messages to a house when the whole story is on the internet and has been for years. Yep, people are still trying to phone it in with three way conversations. Another Yep: Yep, that famous, 500 million Harry Potter books about Witches will do that to you. If you identify as a Witch in the U.S.A. these days it’s a popular thing not a negative going to hell; save them thing.

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F18 F86 flyby Norton AFB SBD
F18 F86? flyby Norton AFB SBD Click for video

Speaking of flyby’s which reminds me,..
Why not warn two birds with one stone and refuel some (cough) Nato Aircraft over the Ukraine? Hmm? Russia leased a airbase in Syria. It’s called defense cooperation where you can land and go get something to eat and use the restroom on your way to somewhere else. One of those hmm,.. bigger training moments. You could use the really cool logo and freak em out again like we did in the 1970’s. You do know their new president played soccer right?

Something about some agreement somewhere about getting rid of nuclear weapons comes to mind,.. and in case Turkey gets squeamish, it is a “ahem, cough” Pagan Christian Christian Pagan, Jewish, Islamic, Cossack type country? There are “like a million Russian and Ukrainians” in California plus 250,000 Persians that own Beverly Hills and San Diego? They probably would love to vacation there,.. They have pickup trucks with little American flags on them with what looks like a dog on the roof over there they just need a igloo cooler and some submarine sandwiches. I am sure they will watch the planes for you.

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