Hearing Disabled Neighbors

Hearing Disabled Neighbors
People with hearing disabilities who gossip ruin other people’s lives.
I have no relationships with my neighbors because where I live on my block we have 8 neighbors who have hearing disabilities and they gossip and fight with each other. This has gone on for so long that IF you never respond you have a chance at a life.

When they get drunk it’s worse, then they get mean because they can not understand why people don’t like them. Why people don’t respect them. It’s because they attack people who don’t respond to them when they are being mean drunks.

Eight houses with “the hearing disabled” gossiping about a old original Church of Satan member. Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan.

I spent five years figuring it out because they lie about their disability to themselves and their families. It gets so loud you can’t hear the water running in a hose when they are on the phone. They have conned their family and friends into blaming the homeless, the police department, the fire department, the water company,  everybody on planet earth but themselves. They even created a “neighborhood sound defense” where if they see someone or hear them they bullhorn or megaphone them to badger people into talking. If they can not figure out where sound is coming from they blame ghosts or of course: The Devil. I moved away twice: over 60 days one time and over 120 days and what people heard never changed, It never changed. Still blaming The Devil.



Most complain that people mumble or talk too fast.
Hearing loss is often accompanied by tinnitus. A buildup of earwax, medication, exposure to loud sounds and hearing loss can all cause ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. The ringing might be constant or occasional, but it is often the first sign of hearing loss.

Signs and symptoms of hearing loss may include:
  • Muffling of speech and other sounds.
  • Difficulty understanding words, especially against background noise or in a crowd.
  • Trouble hearing consonants.
  • Frequently asking others to speak more slowly, clearly and loudly.
  • Needing to turn up the volume of the television or radio.

Not a Ghost Shrine

F18 F86 flyby Norton AFB SBD

My house is not a ghost shrine it’s a witch temple shrine.

One of the many issues dealing with the general public with Witchcraft, Paganism and the older term Satanism has always been the people that think they can just stand outside the property and “leave their ghosts” for the witch or priest(ess) to deal with. OR If they are a christian their Victory over Satan is to get you to go to their church, to get you hurt or have you kill yourself.
Hire a Priest or Priestess to fix your haunting problem or your spirituality problem. I am not even going to comment about the other two issues, they should go to jail for doing that and in fact it is domestic terrorism these days.

You can’t just drive or walk around the block saying things three times and expect your spirit or ghost problem to go away. People in the religions used to mail me keys to represent the spirits of the departed (Hekate). Then I could put the soul to rest, it depends on what the problem with the person and the ghost is.

Please do not try to embarrass and harass someone in their house or yard to try to get them to come out to take a picture. Waking people up, or scaring someone just to have some time to talk to a small town famous person is a horrendous way to live a life. If they actually are a Witch or a Satanist, you just make them more small town famous. In today’s world witches are cool and the older ones matter to people, they are the fathers and mothers of a growing religion with the big R.

I have also been asked repeatedly to teach Wicca. I am not a Wiccan. I can not teach it because I represent multiple religions diplomatically. Some links are at the bottom of this page. If you want to buy a book and have people talk about those particular books then you will need to pay for the time to teach or talk to you. Teachers and speakers get paid — it takes a lot of time and energy to write and promote a book or series of books. Families depend on book royalties for income —food is not free, life is not free.

It’s personally sad for me when people try to talk to the souls of the departed and sadder still when christians harass people doing that. I will talk to you/them if you will stop by the property, it’s not a problem. I don’t have a lot of time for it but I have always been available. Please see the next paragraph on how to get ahold of me:

https://gypsypagan.com has a tap to text button and a tap to call button if people want to talk. There is also free wifi by the garage, look for gypsypagan 2G and gypsypagan 5G. No password needed and it’s a segmented network so no one can see you on there. I put it in for safety because T-Mobile reception is spotty. I am behind a hill from the antenna. Yes we all know that the words gypsy and pagan are pejoratives that is why you need to ask people first if that is a OK word to use.

Today’s flyby as I was writing this post.  A personal aside about my life: You know someone is not local if they are trying to talk to you via karaoke as this flies overhead. I was amazed that someone was doing that, trying to relay messages to a house when the whole story is on the internet and has been for years. Yep, people are still trying to phone it in with three way conversations. Another Yep: Yep, that famous, 500 million Harry Potter books about Witches will do that to you. If you identify as a Witch in the U.S.A. these days it’s a popular thing not a negative going to hell; save them thing.

Click on youtube video
F18 F86 flyby Norton AFB SBD
F18 F86? flyby Norton AFB SBD Click for video


Speaking of flyby’s which reminds me,..
Why not warn two birds with one stone and refuel some (cough) Nato Aircraft over the Ukraine? Hmm? Russia leased a airbase in Syria. It’s called defense cooperation where you can land and go get something to eat and use the restroom on your way to somewhere else. One of those hmm,.. bigger training moments. You could use the really cool logo and freak em out again like we did in the 1970’s. You do know their new president played soccer right?

Something about some agreement somewhere about getting rid of nuclear weapons comes to mind,.. and in case Turkey gets squeamish, it is a “ahem, cough” Pagan Christian Christian Pagan, Jewish, Islamic, Cossack type country? There are “like a million Russian and Ukrainians” in California plus 250,000 Persians that own Beverly Hills and San Diego? They probably would love to vacation there,.. They have pickup trucks with little American flags on them with what looks like a dog on the roof over there they just need a igloo cooler and some submarine sandwiches. I am sure they will watch the planes for you.

Aaah, I see that this:


Has been replaced with this:


No comment,..  it’s in the Appalachia folk traditions area.





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Karaoke Wars and Helping the Homeless

Karaoke Wars and Helping the Homeless

It has come to our attention that an unintended side effect of the neighborhood karaoke wars is the participation of the homeless in the local “neighborhood watch”. Several people use “the speakers” AKA Karaoke machines as “their defense”. They think that being loud is their defense, the problem is that people can hear them and try to talk to them.

Redlands and Big Bear Lake CaliforniaNeighborhood watch” end up talking to each other AND the homeless at night. If you hear your stories spread around town in areas that have you never go to then it’s probably due to this effect. IF your church has given cell phones (!) or helped people to receive them in the free cell phone program for low income Californians this might be a source of your gossip problem. They are not security for your church they hurt your security. Despite everything they tell you the problem is that they like you and will talk about you outside in public. That is where they live and work! If you get them jobs associated with your businesses they will be IN your life. It’s OK but then YOU are responsible FOR them IF there is a daily relationship. This is why we have public services for them.

Story Number 1:

Arcadia Presbyterian Church had this happen several times where their fellowship hall got hot inside and the sound of the services was broadcast around the neighborhood unintentionally. This was a regular “side effect” when all the doors and windows were open. We ended up having door ushers (screeners) when the sanctuary doors were open so they could help people who traveled to the church hoping to get help. (*) The hot sanctuary was not a huge problem for the neighboring properties but it attracted people like a revival tent meeting. When the christian sounds were loud people walking down the street started walking towards the christian sounds they heard. Hoping to get help. (1)

Story Number 2:

About 15 years ago in this neighborhood several of the homeowners used to sit with each other at night and talk. We called it the lonely hearts club. The problem once again was it attracted a informal gathering of people, mostly homeowners. This went on for years and it was fine but as people aged they grew hard of hearing and started “talking on the phone” in conference calls or they bought sports radios and handed them to their friends and neighbors. Time passed and it got louder and louder as people hooked up the phones and sports radios to their stereos. One neighbor used her “cordless set up” for gardening to talk to her husband when they were both outside together. It’s usually hooked up to the central house system so they can hear each other and the TV or stereo is usually on.

What happened eventually was that they ended up talking to the homeless and several families had them move in with them or they became regular overnight neighborhood guests. They said they were neighbors and they probably were they just get tired drinking and using your megaphone or karaoke machine and sleep in your yards. [true story]


I am NOT talking about business radios used after work.
Hearing “official  business gossip” is very scary and a different subject.

(!) Radios

(*) We had a stock set of screening questions (a questionnaire) to ask new people. It’s to help people get the services they need quickly and it’s unintended side effect is added security.

(1) Why did the Arcadia Presbyterian Church take all these precautions back in the 1970’s–1990’s? I think it was to protect famous visitors. Having the head Satanist drop by probably brought in people.  I don’t remember exactly. That was 40+ years ago. Thank you for your interest.

LOL CLICK BAIT ALERT Gee  went to your church?


YESSSSSS,.. said the Serpentssss,…
Now they just drive by in their cars and talk about it 40 years later.