Humor: If you want a house on the corner buy a house on the corner

Humor: If you want a house on the corner buy a house on the corner

If you want a house on the corner to “see what’s going on” buy a house on the corner. Don’t ask the people that live in those houses what’s going on because that’s ridiculous.

I am not involved in educating the homeschoolers.
I am not involved in Adulting your elderly parents.
I am not involved in “changing the neighbors” because I want new neighbors, “I don’t like the old ones, I am embarrassed by what my kid did”.

[If your child is outside at night telling the elderly to kill themselves, it’s fine if we know what’s going on, yes it’s embarrassing for you to own that child]

Repeat after me neighbors:
I am not involved in “Real Estate Turnover” because I am not a Real Estate Broker. I do not earn a percentage of the total office commissions.
Harassing homeowners to turn over real estate is crazy because in a small town THEY ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS. THEY CAN HEAR YOU DOING IT.

How do the normal people know this?
We see your grandkids in the bushes with cellphones and tablets.
Obviously they are pretending to be a ghost with Grandpa and Grandma? REALLY?
Isn’t that just using the kid for bait? OR are you guys trying to scare the gardener to death again?

Why do I get upset at this
Figuring it out what grandpa is playing with the kid takes too much time.
I only have (calculating) 6,307,200 minutes left to live.

Playing Real Estate Turnover is Nuts.

If I wanted a turnover I can go to the bakery and get a apple turnover. Listening to your grandkids in the bushes talking to grandpa is weird and scary unless you know there is a Aleister Crowley Coven nearby. Actually if it’s people in the bushes talking about sex and marijuana then it’s probably someone in California searching for the spirit of Gerald Gardener.

A famous automotive journalist, commentator and humorist had a point when he said I am not waiting  45 minutes for my car to charge up to go someplace. I only have “105,120” hours left in my entire LIFE.

Wasting my time is what I get mad at plus having to hear the deaf help the psychopathic family members. [Look, if you have 40 family members including the grandkids that’s a LOT of talking, IF your brood is having problems and it sounds like a pathological thing then:

Listening to people who have psychiatric disorders talk to each other in the neighborhood is fine for them because they have a problem with living their life. They want everyone to BE LIKE MIKE [Ouch,.. err ]

The problem is obvious, it’s the lack of visual aids.

You don’t get it right?
It’s like this:

I don’t want to be like you, I don’t want to be in your family, I want to have friends that have fun and don’t sit at home homeschooling the kids while mom gets to dress up all sexy and go to lunch (sell real estate).
Which is cool if she walks by the security cameras over HERE not OVER THERE!

Hint: instead of talking over the tops of houses why don’t you get a cheap tablet and take a video call over to the person you are talking to? You don’t even need to travel, just call uber and have them drive it over there. You can even talk to the driver while he does it. Doctor visits, no problem just send the tablet. You can measure your own blood pressure right?

Pretend I am that famous humorist with initials for a moment, you have to be nice to famous people to get them to talk to you.

Be Nice First

Oh  I forgot,..


The official answer is always useful.
You have to have a official answer (Historical fact: this comes from the Soviet Union). Once you have a official answer you have to use that as the official answer in any sentence answering a question. Even if it is the wrong answer.

Everybody knows that one in the UK correct?

Famous humorists in the USA:
Will Rogers, Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain]








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