The Witch kills the Priest

The free people have wanted to be taught for years.

So here is the first lesson.

The Witch kills the Priest

Who is The Witch?

It’s an amazing statement if you can figure out who said it and why.

These are the things you should accept as being mostly true:
The Free People Pick their King.
The King or Queen Wears the Sword Not The Priest.
The Free People Follow Their King Not The Priest.
The Witches Worship The World.


Questions: In the Christian bible there are many cases where if you translate it correctly the Church of The Opposition is standing in the King’s Court. Who are they? Who is the Church of Opposition?

Answers: They are those that came before you. Some things in the books make no sense if you do not realize that what we all paid attention to before the common era was The Earth, The Sea, The Sands, The Sky and our Spirits.


You probably should figure out what that word means. 😉
I heard people talking about it last night when I drove through the neighborhoods.

The word was not Locals Only it was simply (safety cough) Locals.

Thanks for remembering the  Booster Club.

What I thought after the drive was this:
I would love it if we could have summer nights like we used to 40 or 50 years ago. Where people were still “boostering” living in California. We live here because it feels nice to our skin, it smells nice with the oleander and orange blossoms.  The sky is bigger here. Don’t be sick and stuck inside forever.

To the woman that said she wanted to go outside and say hello to me as I drove by. The answer I would give her is: Yes? Oh, Hi. Thank you for wanting to say hello. Are you having a good night?

Sheesh I just read the dictionary online about the term locals and wow is it ever wrong. Let me dig up the old post give me a minute. OK new and improved version. What I would say to Ken would be thank you for your work. I like the idea of removing the dead from the picture and looking at the people who did it. I personally need humor in my life to keep from getting very depressed. If you need to know my perspective this post should explain it to you:

A New Saying From The Forest

A new saying from the forest:

A local was playing the finish the sentence quiz in terms of spirits and ghosts last night and I answered the first one and he answered the second one himself:
If it’s a Demon?
You should ask.
If its a spirit?
It will pass.

From the multiple standpoints of Classical, Neo-Classical and Modern Paganism beliefs as well as a “atheistic human condition” and or a humanistic belief this is a true statement.

Examples: If it’s a demon that got ahold of you then you should ask someone about it. If it’s a spirit or a ancestor spirit that is troubling you you should not be afraid just let it pass by.

When it is a large problem in your life like  Dionysus or “the demon drink” you should seek help and ask someone about it. If it is a spirit or a memory from your past then it will pass with time and reflection. You could ask the guardian of the gates  or liminal deities to put away the ancestor spirit or intercede and ask questions on your behalf also. The result would be dependent on the type of the spirit force invoked.

The LaVeys are Dangerous People


The LaVeys Are Dangerous People

Russians sometimes don’t care if they kill you. Nazi’s Really Don’t Care,..

Welcome to the official website of the Church of Satan.

Why do I not get in touch with them?

The local Protestants that openly claim they are Nazi’s,.. and the

White Supremacists that want them to come here.

Howard Stanton Levey changed his name to  Anton Szandor LaVey

He wrote this book:

Have you read it?

His daughter Zeena Shreck made a Witch Shrine in Redlands California because the Southern California Church was a “Ukrainian” Pagan WWII Holocaust survivor families church group (among other nationalities).

She re-released this book:

It’s OBVIOUS WHY the church was named that way,..

It was to protect his family and other families.

Zeena’s sons middle name is  Zaharoff who was born in Anatolia Turkey
home to this:

Temple of Hekate

Which begat this holocaust church group for the gypsy and pagans in Los Angeles

The family shrine is currently  located in Redlands California in the greater Los Angeles area. (it has a Ukrainian Flag out front currently in support of the latest elections)

The Ukraine is now a democratic country that signed on with the European Union. The Ukrainian Revolution called euromaidan which started in November 2013 ended when the Russian president who would not sign the agreement fled back to Russia. They have since had two exemplary Presidential elections.

The United States Military recognized Paganism, Neo-Paganism and Wicca in 2017.

Do I need to go on? If you could please show some respect for “The Gypsy Pagan Hekate Holocaust Shrine” by not harassing people living at it or near it with disturbing talk or stories that would be appropriate.

for more information please see: