You just have to tell people what to do. Really?

“You just have to tell people what to do.”


I have had about 30 years of someone I vaguely know who says this  line:
You just have to tell people what to do and they will do it.

Today I had enough so I said back:

You just have to tell people what to do and they do it if you pay them.

If you pay them

Give them food and  water, clothe them and care for them, talk to them. Tell them you like them, show some interest in them as a person, value their feedback and ideas. Call them up or write them and ask if they are feeling alright. How is their health? Then if you tell them what to do then they might do it. Personally I ask them, I don’t tell people even when I am paying them.

If you do not have any kind of a relationship with a person you might as well be sitting on a castle on the hill or on a park bench looking at all the people walking by you. Telling them what to do is a iffy thing. Sometimes they might do something that looks like they are doing what you told them to do but that is a coincidence.

Good luck on the rest of your life Keith and Kym Schubert and Marion Wiens plus The Waldschmidts, The Schabows. The Munsons.
AKA The Jet Skiers in the Neighborhood

Back to my book:

At our second house in Arcadia CA we had a 60 foot by 20 foot wide pool that we took care of instead of having a pool service. In Junior High to earn money I was handed a pumice block and was paid .25-.75 cents a foot to stone the tile. The tiles were the little small 1″ ones. That was before I had a car.

Stoning pool tile
Stoning pool tile click to watch a commercial

People got upset at “the family” for doing this. Here I was living in a nice suburban house my adopted father was making $250,000 dollars a year and in later years up to a million dollars a year (1977-1997). He was making his 12 year old stone pool tile for money while in Junior High School. Why? The story in the neighborhood was there was a little blonde albino looking Russian kid being abused by a German family.

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