120 years in town and Redlands has Muggle Troubles

120 years in town

My adopted family has lived for over 120 years in Redlands CA and I have lived off and on for over 47 years in the resort town of  Big Bear Lake. I lived for 35 years in Arcadia CA and for a few years in Hawaii. I was born on Sunset Boulevard in the Hollywood District of Los Angeles California.

120 years in town and Redlands has Muggle Troubles

Magic and Witchcraft Articles and  News Feed

Southern California Magic and Witchcraft Original Articles:

What does that mean? [REDLANDS]

Just because you say what you did to me is a joke does not make it one.


It’s a very powerful publishing brand name you messed with:


Someone was telling me to sue the tourists the other day. “Geez why would I sue George fans and supporters? Zeena and George and Karla it’s all I hear sometimes,.. (It’s cool, love ya)

Warning there are Muggles in Redlands California and they cause trouble.
I don’t understand them at all. Yesterday someone asked me if I could I explain things in JK Rowling’s books from the religions. I accidentally said yes. So I created a Magic and Witchcraft news feed today! News just in today: She is already doing 4 non-fiction E-Books about the subject. Click here to see your Magic and Witchcraft News. It’s a new online version of the Grandmother’s newsletter with selected news article links and editorials.


So I went to search for my other article to link it in and:


Image search on that looks like this:

Geez Stevie,..
Geez Stevie,.. Yes I like Stevie Nicks NO I have no idea how those pictures show up with my stuff on Bing/Google/Yahoo (The Stevie Nicks fans said they did it)



gypsy pagan rock and roll Bing search
“gypsy pagan rock and roll” Bing search

Back to my song choice for the locals that were talking to my car today in Redlands/Yucaipa. I used to crank up the volume and drive around with a appropriate song playing. Sheesh

I’ve been thinking about
What you said last night
And for all your fine words
You still don’t have it right
‘Cause that’s the way that it is
And you won’t ever change
You can scream at me
But the powers that be
Won’t ever hear your voice
‘Cause they’re lost
In their own importance
No, they’ll never hear your voice
‘Cause that’s the way that it is
And you won’t ever change it
I’ve heard all your stories
Of how the few can be strong
And how you’ll fight to the end
Just to prove me wrong
‘Cause that’s the way that you are
And you won’t ever change it
But don’t come cryin’ to me
If your fanciful schemes
Don’t turn out like you planned
‘Cause you’re chasin’
After something
That keeps slippin’
Through your hand
That’s the way that it is
And you won’t change it
Songwriters: Paul S. Bliss
That’s the Way That It Is lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
Artist: Uriah Heep
Album: Abominog
Released: 1982
Genres: Metal, Rock
Revised after 444 visits. I promise I will not change it for another 222.

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