OK Ghost hunters

#1: If the ghost talks to you until I wake up, then can you find out what it will say if you don’t wake  me up -> the person in the house?

#2: Join your church? To find friends because Jesus is the only way to find friends? That makes you which group of people with no friends outside of church?

Kay’ Um,.. I am estranged from my family because of what comments?
Like this one today: We used to go to a park and there was this church there and there was always this little blonde Russian kid with  the whitest hair you ever saw. His father who owned him was whoring him out.  The kid was there for visitation rights. The Church man, He always introduced him as his son. I never want to see that kid again.

True, I have heard this person say this before. True story.

It’s ME,.. and ME!
It’s JESUS knocking on your door! It’s obvious!
You have no friends because it’s Jesus!

#3 We are The Lighthouse,.. The Well, Sandals, Hope, The Mission.
We thought your church was street people. We minister to street people.

K’ So if I go there I will not meet people who can help me in my career, basically criminals and street people.

#4 We are talking about the Ruff’s friend David Frisch over here.

K’ You are talking about Corporal Frisch of the Redlands Police Department. The homeless coordinator who is your friend. He’s German right? Corporal Frisch.  He takes people off the street to the County Arrowhead Rehab Hospital?

You are also talking about Marilyn Russ and William Ruff. My adopted family has been in Redlands for over 120 years. I have a German last name. Russ is a anglo name that means Russian. Terry W Kupfer went to moore middle school with David Ruff Sr. All I know is the Russ’s are cool with me, I hear too much talk and it gets too loud at night. It attracts homeless to the area.

p e r f e c t  Only 15 minutes in the front yard.

#5 IT’s because you were SEEN by Law Enforcement with SATANISTS GEORGE,..

K’ You are talking about it,.. That’s The Yucaipa Community Patrol that used to live in Big Bear Lake or Redlands Police Department in 2001? When the sanctuary and shrine was dedicated correct? Or are you talking about Arcadia, Pasadena, Los Angeles in the past?

This is my situation:
I have people that want to hurt me because of my past and you go nuts every single night ghost hunting around a Hekate shrine? –You use my name on the street and call me a Jew. In a KKK town.

My neighbors say they are the white supremacists. K’ which kind? You do know that some “people of certain ethnic groups” want to kill some kinds of white supremacists like Nazi’s and Neo Nazi’s? It’s been that way since WWII?It will always and forever be the war.
You need to be real specific around here. You do know I am adopted right? I have another name.

mmmm hmmm,..

Publishing,.. Textbook Publishing,.. It was my career and I did have a family and a life before you went crazy over Satanism. Why don’t you try a couple OTHER of my websites:

Awesome Pictures

The Witch United States


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