Boosterism ends from me for Redlands California

Redlands boosterism for myself is over.
It’s the edge of the greater Los Angeles area.
The population is 74-75 thousand.

The opportunity to create a new business that grosses over a million dollars a year is limited by the population that can support it. Can a small business afford to start up in Redlands? Where are the career’s located? It’s a small town and the local businesses that are here are usually multi generational and/or have a long term history in the town.

My adopted father Terry W Kupfer  TWK worked for the University of Redlands for over 40 years as a trustee. My adopted family has resided in the area for over 120 years —Kupfer/Hinckley. My business is not connected to a family business of any kind. Professionals with different careers do not inherit anything from the goodwill generated from years of service. All you have is your reputation, the word in the boardrooms. So bearing that in mind the opportunities in textbook publishing in Redlands California are limited and there are more people that want to see me fail than succeed due to the prominence of the family names involved. To the public because of the longevity of residency any whiff of local scandal is news, but that is not the real issue here. Predatory people want money from professionals. If no tradespeople or similar are making the “locals money” being paid friends with the “supposed bigwigs” then their support turns to harassment, because that is the only way for them to get attention. Standing around being belligerent loudmouths is frightening to people. This is still not the real problem:

If you do the income percentages of the town population using State of California figures it becomes a surprising exercise. If you are not in the medical industry or work for the other three biggest employers; The University of  Redlands, ESRI or the local government you probably do not have great long term middle class/upper middle class prospects. Without growth initiatives and new major employers things slow down. It’s not a tourist town and has limited natural or other attractions. If you need to make 250,000 to 300,000 dollars a year it becomes a bit bleak because the career tracks are filled and owning a small local business can not support it.
$250-300k is $4.00 from every single resident in town.

Do the math you need to sell 10,000 items at $30.00 to gross $300,000 every year. (5,000 items at $60.00 or 2500 items @ $120.00 just to reach $300,000 in sales.)

For medical professionals it’s hard also: 2500 patient visits @ $120.00 net is $300,000 that’s 10 patients per day for 250 days a year. Perhaps 14 patients per physician or maybe 25-30 if it’s only 15 minute visits and that’s it for a single doctor in an office. Professionals have it just as hard, maybe even harder because they have the big bills to pay at home.

People ask me why I stayed. The answer is a surprising one. Lack of  local friends and interaction in the local community. I actually sent letters to the neighbors outlining the extent of interaction this household has had with them. The information I gave them was that I  had only 4 or 5 interactions in 20 years. Invitations to dine were not reciprocated. There was no social basis of support so when it came time to restart a career at age 50 or find new friends there  was nothing here at all. 

I am in the publishing industry, publishing projects take two years to get to market from inception. Designing and managing major publishing projects is what my whole career is about. Being harassed by too much noise will not work in the neighborhoods any more. I can not even resume a lucrative career due to interference by loud mouths and sometimes their employees. Boosterism is over for me, there is no money for me in this town. No friends and even the Churches are cut throat businesses. Do the math, bring your own (men) or women and your own money is the rule. Do not use my name or my families names for your fantasy games.


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