Humor: If you want a house on the corner buy a house on the corner

Humor: If you want a house on the corner buy a house on the corner

If you want a house on the corner to “see what’s going on” buy a house on the corner. Don’t ask the people that live in those houses what’s going on because that’s ridiculous.

I am not involved in educating the homeschoolers.
I am not involved in Adulting your elderly parents.
I am not involved in “changing the neighbors” because I want new neighbors, “I don’t like the old ones, I am embarrassed by what my kid did”.

[If your child is outside at night telling the elderly to kill themselves, it’s fine if we know what’s going on, yes it’s embarrassing for you to own that child]

Repeat after me: I am not involved in “Real Estate Turnover” because as a Real Estate Broker I earn a percentage of all commissions and that is based on the total office product turnover. Harassing homeowners to turn over real estate to receive your broker’s commission percentage makes people upset because it’s your salespeople’s GRANDKIDS doing it. How? –>  by having them take phones or ipad tablet computers and hide in the bushes. Why? –> Obviously they are pretending to be a ghost with Grandpa and Grandma? REALLY? Isn’t that just using the kid for bait?

Why do I get upset at this? Because I only have (calculating) 6,307,200 minutes left to live. If I wanted a turnover I can go to the bakery and get a apple turnover. Listening to your grandkids in the bushes talking to grandpa is weird and scary unless you know there is a Aleister Crowley Coven nearby. Actually if it’s people in the bushes talking about sex and marijuana then it’s probably someone in California searching for the spirit of Gerald Gardener.

A famous automotive journalist, commentator and humorist had a point when he said I am not waiting  45 minutes for my car to charge up to go someplace. I only have “105,120” hours left in my entire LIFE.

Wasting my time is what I get mad at.

Listening to people who have psychiatric disorders talk to each other in the neighborhood is fine for them because they have a problem with living their life. They want everyone to BE LIKE MIKE [Ouch,.. err ]

BE LIKE THEM. The problem is obvious, it’s the lack of visual aids.

It’s like this:

I don’t want to be like you, I don’t want to be in your family, I want to have friends that have fun and don’t sit at home homeschooling the kids while mom gets to dress up all sexy and go to lunch (sell real estate).

Hint: instead of talking over the tops of houses why don’t you get a cheap tablet and take a video call over to the person you are talking to? You don’t even need to travel, just call uber and have them drive it over there. You can even talk to the driver while he does it. Doctor visits, no problem just send the tablet. You can measure your own blood pressure right?

Pretend I am that famous humorist with initials for a moment, you have to be nice to famous people to get them to talk to you.

Be Nice First

Oh  I forgot,..


The official answer is always useful.
You have to have a official answer (Historical fact: this comes from the Soviet Union). Once you have a official answer you have to use that as the official answer in any sentence answering a question. Even if it is the wrong answer.

Everybody knows that one in the UK correct?

Famous humorists in the USA:
Will Rogers, Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain]








Welcome Greetings to Legitimus USA

Sunflower fields

There once was a man who was a writer, he changed his name to write books about magic. They were successful books and he had lots of fans. It ended up being a counterculture movement in the  1970’s to the 2000’s that continues today. He was my biological father —I was put up for adoption— then he had another son by a different woman. His name was Howard Stanton Levey he changed his name to Anton Szandor LaVey. The family always said —all you have to do is change your name and write a book. If you want to know what one of his children believed and what the history of his diplomatic church in Southern California is come visit us on the other web pages.
What are you afraid of? It’s a web page:

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The Witch United States – The Witch United States…

This is a Witch Shine and Sanctuary created by Zeena Shreck for her family. Her father Anton LaVey was arguably the most famous —United States of America — Ukrainian Pagan and “Satanist” author of all time, he remains famous to this day.

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The Proof that The Spirit of God or Divinity Can Exist on Planet Earth



Local note about spiritualists around the property and ghost hunters from the Hekates: Please do not visit the Hekate shrine and ghost hunt.
Hekate controls the gates to the underworld. How can you be sure that the ghosts you are talking to are not evil spirits from hell or are mad at you for disturbing their everlasting rest? Disrespectful people are usually not very welcome because they disturb the souls, never pray for them or leave offerings and leave bad feelings behind.

Rule #1: Be nice to the spirits first and they will be nice to you.

One local woman figured it out a long time ago, all she had to say was friendly spirit when she heard one or saw one and then the spirits were friendly to her all day. She had good luck when she did that and bad luck when she did not. Usually things like this are very simple and this rule of thumb works pretty well when you are on a spiritual path in life.

Be respectful, be kind to the spirit or spirits and thank them if they help you, but above all else:

Be nice first.


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Which way does the Insignia or Sigil go?

Which way does the Insignia or Sigil  (SEAL) Sign go?

This is a question often asked:
Insignia is from Latin: in->signum, in->signis, in->signe, Insignia
Sigil is from Late Latin: Sigillium, Sigil

I did one for The Ukraine, White Moons Over Kiev with their Sigil on it see if you can find it on the internet.

Which way does it go? Well,.. it depends on the pole:

You can search for other independence day or city birthday parades the Rome Birthday parade is different because it was supposed to have representatives from all the nations in the Roman Empire. They carried their own insignia’s
Here is a search for Greek Parade go ahead and look.


This is from another google search,.. The kids are reading this page I know,..
Click it to go to the google search,..

An enactment or drama is different than you think,.. go here and see what is called a ritual drama or ritual enactment from that webpage here is an excerpt:

Explaining Cultic Theatres and Ritual drama to the modern non-christian requires a definition. Rather than a definition an example would be:  The Cultus of Aphrodite would be practiced in the Temple of Aphrodite and/or the Sanctuary of Aphrodite. [A cult is the care of a God or Goddess. The cultus is the system or variety of religious worship] A cultic theater play or ritual and enactment is what they performed during feasts as well as for other ceremonies. As far as we know some of the Cultic Theater and Ritual Drama performed in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the latter half of the 20th century after WWII had not been enacted or performed for thousands of years. With help from the academic community in the University of Californiaand The California State University, research and practical knowledge was shared between practitioners and professors.

Poster created during the Second World War (1943), according to the Declaration of the United Nations of 1942. This poster is important because it represents the origins of the United Nations as a wartime alliance (before it was a concrete organization). As a work of Office of War Information, a branch of the United States Federal Government, this work is in public domain.
Poster created during the Second World War (1943), according to the Declaration of the United Nations of 1942. This poster is important because it represents the origins of the United Nations as a wartime alliance (before it was a concrete organization). As a work of Office of War Information, a branch of the United States Federal Government, this work is in public domain.

One of the questions discussed with the professors was the subject of Cultic Theatres and Ritual Drama which was a major obstruction to the recognition of ancient religious practices by the state, local and federal governments of the United States of America. This is NOT a small issue and was directly tied into the 1960’s and 1970’s religious civil rights movements. This simple question of what was a governmentally recognizable religious observance of a prayer, a ritual or a rite was and still is a major topic when we begin to consider various forms of care and worship that were indigenous public and private observancesrituals and ceremonies. Some of these early observances were forcibly broken up by various US federal, state and local police agencies. Indeed the problem remains to this very day but the pieces are finally in place to accurately describe and protect one of the most sacred American liberties. The Freedom of Religion

From Wikipedia:  Cult is literally the “care” (Latin cultusowed to deities and to templesshrines, or churches. Cult is embodiedin ritual and ceremony.
Its present or former presence is made concrete in templesshrines and churches, and cult images, including cult images and votive offerings at votive sites. For more on the Ancient Greek religions or cults please click the eponymous link here.

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Locals Only

Locals Only
How far does that phrase go back?
I don’t know. I do know we had it in Arcadia, Big Bear Lake. I don’t want to fight over who started the phrase but to some of us it was cool. In Arcadia and the whole SoCal southland you saw graffiti that just said: Locals Only It’s kind-of all over the world now apparently.

What it was in reality,.. once the phrase hooked in to people’s heads it meant Locals First or simply “I am a local here”. If you heard the phrase: “Local’s only” you knew that there was “a issue” with people who were not from that neighborhood or some kind of local RuleZ that you did not know about. [RuleZ <–common sense, if someone says: “Locals” that is a simple way of telling you they know what’s up or live in the area and they are not trying to cause problems. A editing interruption digression –> UNCOS means The Stranger in spanish BTW

Hey a cool video from LA Weekly click me

Back to Locals Only

I remember the snowflake thing wow,..


And official unofficial galleries,..

Dangerous Art:
People always ask why do they pay for that stuff?



Why is it dangerous? Well,.. art has to have a concept and people have to talk about something so,.. if it’s dangerous then it’s “Sexy” but if it looks like a solar weiner solar fryer then it’s Danger ART. It’s really two Shiny balls opening to show another shiny ball which is FUN to talk about and walk around and have your kids play with while on a “corporate plaza”

Digression alert here speaking about talking to someone about having the devil show up at your house? I know a guy,.. ya know,.. who sometimes when he was on his way to Doris Day’s house would stop by in the “black cape thing” at our house, sometimes.

See,.. last night there was a story from the blackness of night about Terry Kupfer being in the KKK  and Anton LaVey.

Thank god the real KKK remembered the actual story:
Anton LaVey did meet with the KKK at several times trying to find out who was threatening his son’s life. The KKK in San Bernardino remember and respect him for doing that. This is from a story told last night at his families spirit shrine, this is very scary sometimes which is why certain people like myself and others try to find humor in everyday life. Phrases like just call yourself Howard Stanton, we don’t need the last name L e v e y, we have no use for your last name, were overheard so I can verify it’s true. [I was there at the time. Imagine being me for a moment]

Thanks Yucaipa for showing you cared, you need to please remember that sometimes I need to be invisible again. If  you want us to convince people that the spirit exists, Then you need to show respect for The Ancients.

Saying it back to the night,..  I put it to you this way:
Can you imagine going from San Francisco to  LA and San Bernardino at various times,..  alone to find the people that were known to be abusing your son and threatening to kill him for their version of Satanism? Then tracking them down and actively searching for the real KKK to talk to them? In the 1970’s? With that Last Name? Then finding and talking to them at night, alone? 600 miles from home? The man is still a legend which is why in OLD LA he was the people’s king.

Somehow the next part is not so funny anymore I wrote it years earlier so you need to put your tablet down and come back in a few minutes dear readers.

Back yet?

LOL EVIL SPECTRUM CABLE they stole the IDEA from Arcadians.
What if the grim reaper showed up?
Remember the grim reaper guy in Arcadia? Did they make it onto TV?
It’s gotta be them,.. I remember these guys,..

Spectum SEz I love Jesus lol
Spectum SEz I love Jesus lol wait that’s a “goatee demon” and the grim reaper

I Varsity Lettered in Badminton,.. (TWICE) same concept as Yoga Boy here next to danger art in the green shirt being severely estrogenized by burnt hormones => pheremones

LOL “That’s like his Coven of Love Right?”

It’s spelled A.R.C.A.D.I.A. <–where this kind of humor comes from

We have our own secret religion,.. Conversation goes like this:
See it’s like this,..Umm don’t pick on Yoga Boy,.. otherwise the Estrogen people run you over in the parking lot later. He gets to give them backrub’s honey, it’s OK for him to be there,..

Danger Yoga, I like it,.. Nothing like standing under the 50 thousand pound sculpture next to you. Notice what bridge it is? This is the ultimate urban boy’s fantasy which is why someone took the picture in the first place. The women share him around and try to feed him and get him fat. He’s thinking sex ALL THE TIME. They are just trying to marry him to their families. Usually they are thinking he is a sweetheart —and if he is—they get to forget who they are and be his age for a moment in time. For a moment he is their sweetheart,..

But nothing beats Estrogen Archery,..

Why are you guys all into the archery thing?

Um,.. Well? It’s probably the same thing?


Those are Breasts,.. Estrogen Archery is about Men ahem, cough “letting women play with pointed objects”BUT it’s actually a secret Santa”naic” sex cult  (santa naic get it? Hi K!)

Attention all men You need to try to read their minds?
That’s all you have to do,.. to be loved is to be able to read their minds. Here is a hint: look at their faces,.. FACES FIRST that’s how you can read their minds by looking at their faces get it? Smiling => Happy

Men think they are like this when they are in a pack

Look my penis is scaring a dog:
Which is true!

In reality to women men look like this when the women are in a pack

#1 Rule in life => Women hear things men don’t hear,.. Get it?
#2 Rule in life => Don’t bug the woman with the bow and arrows that’s the kung-fu expert.