Stop the Karaoke Wars Again in Redlands California

Stop the Karaoke Wars in Redlands California

Karaoke Machine Wars have started again, turn it off please.
It’s just
Drive by Karaoke Wars AND Karaoke Wars

We have learning disabled children and adults that do it also. That’s just about the worst thing ever, just sticking a disabled child  or adult down in front of a Karaoke machine and telling them to:

Go ahead, see if you can find some friends with that thing”
“Nobody likes  you”
“There’s someone at the door Xxxxx, Come outside and see.”
“Someone wants to meet you at Xxxxxs or Rick’s Pizza”

It’s unbelievable that people would do that to someone for punishment but they do. We have heard it. It’s been 15 years of a Karaoke War in this neighborhood.  7 houses got into it this time, in 2003 it was  over 14 houses. They use teams and plan it. People wrote speeches. One neighbor hooked up their shortwave radio to a outdoor speaker so it was 24/7 random radio talk. The only thing that worked was outdoor music, but that was offensive to the “Radical Christians” (no joke). They can only listen to music in their sanctuary on Sunday. It starts at about 3 or 4 in the morning.

In a variation of a Karaoke war the local elementary school mariposa is “haunted” by a few people who when they notice a visitor they use a parabolic microphone and a loudhailer and when they knock on the nurse’s office door  (part of a local haunting story) they play the knocking sound back over the loudhailer to the “ghost hunters”.

I like to sing and sometimes I sing when I work. It helps me to get beyond isometric and into  the aerobic zone, It’s also because I am afraid but I wear a machete in the yard when I garden, I used to wear a firearm sometimes because people tied to kill me when I was a child in Arcadia California.

15 Years
It’s been 15 years almost continuously since this started up.
The reason for ruined reputations is people have their phones hooked up to the karaoke machines because they are hard of hearing and to be evil.
The reason I am physically sick is Karaoke Wars and lack of sleep. People have had heart attacks because of it. Neighbors used to just walk outside and shoot a shotgun to stop it. The reason I won’t go to Big Bear Lake California is Karaoke wars.


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