The I don’t want to live in a parking lot explanation even more simplified

Fred Dibnah felling a mill chimney in Prescot, Liverpool on 25 September 1983.

The I don’t want to live in a parking lot explanation even more simplified for those of you on the ground

We have made millions of dollars — made millions of dollars and spent millions of dollars — to live in South Redlands in the hills.

Example 1:
If a Pest Control Company truck pulls up at 6:00 AM in the residential million dollar neighborhood where I live and starts talking with a open window about his jobs and his company gossip it goes into my open window where I am sleeping. He is at his parking lot stop doing business. He woke me up in my house. I might as well drive to his pest control company parking lot and sleep there. Thanks for driving by on your way home and telling everyone how you feel whoever you are.

I call them The Truck People

We have ~40 of them a day stopping and or parking in our 3 blocks. We can not see them because they are “like parked a couple aisles over”, but they are here. Plus the maids, cleaners, lawn services,nurses and caregivers. +++ Traffic starts at about 7:00AM with small cars coming into the area so I assume they don’t live here.

A Stop is NOT Parking at a Job Site

Standing is  stopping the vehicle for a moment or a few minutes with the engine on or the engine off to do business.


The people in the parking lot or driving through it don’t usually matter too much, unless the residents talk about them
Get nervous
They wake you up in your house
Heaven Forbids It:
They talk about the homeowners in their homes OR threaten them. (1)

Eample 2:
Churches have business licenses.
If another church is doing business near me or trying to talk to me.  I have my own church business, it’s a family business with a trademarked church name and it publishes things like books and websites.  It’s a business just like theirs so I don’t appreciate it.



(1)  Heaven forbid(s): That means its in the Lord’s lessons in the Christian Bible  doesn’t it —of course the line preceding it as well.
[In the memory of Fred Dibnah, MBE thanks Fred for the inspiration.]

Fred Dibnah memorial A lasting memorial for Fred in his home town but not everybody is convinced that it is a true likeness. The glass case behind contains a locally built preserved steam engine. 14 September 2008 From AU: Chris Allen Chris Allen / Fred Dibnah memorial / CC BY-SA 2.0 Click on image for a link to Fred’s House

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I am living in a parking lot in a South Redlands residential neighborhood

I am living in a parking lot in a South Redlands residential neighborhood

I live in a parking lot with bad cell coverage and a 5 way intersection. It’s a busy parking lot and if you park an aisle over we don’t know who you are when you talk to us. So we don’t care about you because we can’t see you and the phones don’t work. [humor]

This parking lot has: Amazon trucks (they look cool), Fed Ex Trucks, UPS trucks, Garbage Trucks (for two days in a row). Lawn Mower Service Trucks, Pool Service Trucks, Construction Worker Trucks, Frontier Phone Trucks, Cable TV trucks, Tree Service Trucks all parking in the neighborhood. (1)

It’s a parking lot. In reality every 15 minutes you have someone new parking somewhere in the neighborhood. If you take the amount of trucks and say there are three vendors for each category then you will have roughly 40 vehicle stops divided into work sites and deliveries. In a 10 hour day that’s one every 15 minutes. The intersection where I live has roughly 1600 to 2300 car trips passing through it  per day by camera count. In today’s world if you talk outside your home during the day it’s just like a parking lot. If you can not see the person talking to you or they do not use their name you have to assume that you are in a parking lot or talking to random people on the street because in real reality you are.

Let’s go to the parking lot and talk to construction workers is not something I want to do for fun. OR Let’s go to the parking lot and talk to the people getting out of their cars. I really do not want to do that at all.

It’s a multi-million dollar parking lot. Homeowners and residents had to earn or make millions of dollars to be here, millions and to have it ruined by talking to parking lot people? There is no way I am going to sit here and listen to parking lot people try to ruin my life again. Think about it for one momenthow do you feel in a parking lothow would you feel having your house in a parking lot?  It’s not safe — I kept quiet for years but I lived near a noisy intersection with the elderly who would not call the emergency department when I needed it because they did not hear me and the parking lot people were talking very loudly to each other. They don’t know who’s talking and I don’t know who’s talking.

Look at the next post and just know that the house I lived at in Arcadia had a shopping center and supermarket called Alpha Beta at the top of the street. It’s OK to think about the situation like this. It is roughly the same all over Southern California. It’s just the simple fact that during the business day parking lot rules apply and people do not realize it. You have to know that in reality with this much traffic your street becomes essentially a parking lot. Commercial vehicles should park in commercial areas if possible to do paperwork and talk to each other. It’s really simple and it’s OK.


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I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings in America, both inside and out. It is one of the gems of our town, Redlands, CA

20 October 2013, 08:14:32

Smiley Library, Redlands, CA 2013

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Redlands, California (10)

We Made Millions To Be Here


Single Family Residence Zones, Some Thoughts on The Matter

We made millions of dollars to be here.

California Blvd in San Marino comes to mind immediately when I think of this type of a issue.

Safety Issue

Work crews stopping and assembling in a residential neighborhood [but not at a jobsite address] conducting “office business” or having “work meetings” is the event that is occuring.

During high traffic hours the presence of light and medium duty work trucks stopping to conduct business constitutes a sightline traffic hazard as well as disrupting the homeowners. The roads are simply not wide enough in some areas for continuous on street commercial vehicle parking. California St./Blvd. was modified to allow for two lane traffic and years later a separate parking lane was put in as well as turn lanes and signals making it a heavy traffic residential street.

Homeowner Disruption

Some vendors do not go to their office but conduct morning meetings in residential areas and they have done so in the same area for years. Belligerency is sometimes the result when competing vendors do this in the same area. They interrupt conversations and sometimes challenge or talk dangerously to homeowners on their properties frightening them. Homeowners obviously do not want to walk out with their bathrobes on to confront “The Work Truck People”.

So let’s take a look at another city in the San Gabriel Valley and see what it looks like:

California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena Screen snap of map
California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena: Screen snap of map centered on Huntington Library and Gardens. That’s Henry Huntington’s estate in the middle. I grew up in this valley just east of Los Angeles. My S.O. and I  eventually opened a design studio that serviced the college textbook industry. We worked on the Huntington Library Quarterly as a semi-favor to the local community years ago. I was also the head “out of house” designer for one of the Getty trusts working on simultaneous web and print production in the same year range of 1995-1999.

Middle/upper-middle-class SFR zoned Rural Residential  and Residential. Early morning, was a continuance of neighbors talking to neighbors, The ones that are usually home not the commuters.

California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena Screen snap of map
California Blvd San Marino and Pasadena screen snap of map

In general you will have several types of homeowner conversations.
Long running ones and shorter ones. Currently at 8:30 in the morning it’s parking lot conversation rules which are similar to an elevator rule or a cubicle rule with less inhibitions. Let’s see if we can get the feel for it a bit more here.


The embarrassment index, similar to the UV Index is around ~20% or more if you are in your yoga pants. 🙂 Basically think about it like homeowners in their sleeping clothes roaming around their houses making breakfast, waking up drinking coffee or tea.

This is a world class neighborhood
Currently  San Marino California has one quarter billion dollars in real estate for sale in about 85 homes. There are billions of dollars in real estate here. Pasadena has two thirds of a billion (668 million 600 homes) dollars of homes on the market. Redlands has 150 million for sale currently with 291 homes on the market. Each sale means a 0.79% average effective tax rate is applied. That means for the 85 homes in San Marino 20 million dollars a year will be collected every single year from those 85 homes in 10 years it will be 24 million dollars. Pasadena will collect 53 million +,  Redlands will collect 12 million dollars + that’s real money.

Here are your current market rough totals for 10 years in property taxes:
San Marino  total after 10 years: $220 million dollars in city funds
Pasadena: $585 million over 1/2 Billion dollars
Redlands: $132 million dollars.

If you lose 10% in market value the city will lose big money year after year. If you lose real estate sales because of belligerent vendors talking dangerously in the neighborhood you will lose millions of dollars. I have witnessed this firsthand, people walking away from real estate sales because of belligerent talk. It has to stop. So why the no standing or stopping laws? Everyone loses when you have to listen to shop talk inside your home. The vendor loses sales, the city loses property taxes, the homeowner loses money because it’s a distraction and a disruption to have to hear it and sometimes be frightened because of it. It’s dangerous talk.

Street view
Street view approaching corner of East California and South Allen in San Marino California

It’s Magic and Witchcraft time,..
Why? Because it’s socially acceptable to talk about that subject and “it’s the women’s secret religion” and as apparently I am the leader of the women’s secret religion. It’s Kitchen Magic Time. 😉

Back to the no stopping or standing commercial vehicles on the street laws between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM. The “Whatcha Guys Doin?” laws I don’t know if San Marino has the exact law I am talking about but it’s probably pretty close and would be in their commercial code somewhere.

Why all the fuss?
We have a problem and it interrupts the neighbor conversations.
We made millions to be here.

Imagine 3 or 4 construction worker trucks stopping and getting out and having a deaf guy conversation at 5:30 AM in front of your house. Imagine a Pest Control Company showing up and parking in front of your house and talking to their office about your property and or things on it at 5:30 AM.

Does it look like a Parking Lot to you?
Does it look like a Commercial Zone?
Does it look like I drive a Garbage Truck?

Does it look like I own a Lawn Mower Truck?

Let’s stand in the intersection in San Marino on the borderline with Pasadena and look around:

600 South Allen looking South
600 South Allen looking South note the low signal height and red zones at corners.
600 South Allen and California looking east
600 South Allen and California looking east
600 South Allen Looking West, you already have looked north earlier in the post
600 South Allen Looking West, you already have looked north earlier in the post

Why do they do that,  stop here?
Construction workers will stop their little portable houses when they need to email or text and before arriving at a job. If they show up at a job site and sit in their truck out front of the house the contractor or homeowner gets upset because they are on “his or her dime” and she needs to get things done.  They are not automatically going to the bathroom in your front yard but if they are, then it might be time for a social embarrassment ambush. Meaning a phone call to their company or a visit to their yelp or google business page and leave a review.

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Back to looking around again towards Pasadena on California looking for The Truck People:

1700 E California looking west
1700 E California looking west

These truck people have three psychological operating modes that is due to their truck being a little mobile house. [If they pee in a cup in the truck then it’s their bathroom too]

Mode 1: In the truck
Mode 2: Near the truck
Mode 3: Away from the truck

600 Lander Lane Pasadena California
600 Lander Lane Pasadena California: World Class Suburbia San Gabriel Valley Los Angeles California Yes we practiced Magic and Witchcraft around here.

Remember,.. they may not be house friendly people which also applies to the homeowners in their patios or kitchens talking to each other. House friendly means they will let you in their house, how cool is that?

Why do we care?
Think about it for a moment,..

This is where I am from: Arcadia California The very next city east,.. a bit quieter and less traffic This was the second house I lived in.

Different part of Arcadia with a different feel to it:

400 W Orange Grove Upper (north) Arcadia
400 W Orange Grove Upper (North) Arcadia


Where I live now in Redlands California:

Sunset and Elder road
Sunset and Elder Road
Sunset Drive East
Sunset Drive East looking West

Our Elementary School,..

A little busy at times but hey, it’s cool
Yes they put out little signs in the street,.. With a little flag so you can see how small the children are,… Great Commercial Graphics Usage. It forces drivers to look down.
Turning left around the block and up the hills! This is looking south which is up,.. Where I am from North was uphill. Uphill equals more money every time, in every way.
Made it! looking East,.. Desert skies mean less water in the air and it’s at 2200 feet or 670 meters altitude.

Sometimes I do not understand the people in Redlands California but it looks nice enough. It took all my life to buy my first home in a town 55 minutes to the east of where I grew up with my adopted family.
I finally made it into North Arcadia! Except it’s in South Redlands.

My adopted family has been here for 120 years.

This is how the conversation should go around here:
Who’s in the Parking lot over there?
I don’t know!
Why do I care again?
Who’s talking to me?
I don’t know!
Is it someone that works in a parking lot with homeless people?
No it’s The Truck People, they came in a Truck!

Why is it a parking lot again? It’s my house over here?

Achoo,.. There are Truck People and Outside People working here now and they parked and are doing things. I do not know who they are.

Parking lot conversation rules apply after they show up and park here or stop here. Why they don’t park where there is Tea and Pastries I will never know.

A day in the life,..
Yep, Still alive


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Huntington Library Gardens in April 2009 – Wisteria in full bloom
5 May 2009, 16:13

Huntington Library Gardens Wisteria in Spring
Uploaded by PDTillman
Pamla J. Eisenberg from Anaheim, USA

Do you believe in Magic?


If you can answer that question it all becomes clearer and easier to comprehend.




The Witch Says We Have Ghosts Here

Muggle Ghosts

You can’t see them, but you can hear them and they won’t use their name.
They say they are Christian mediums. I thought being a medium was against the bible but what do I know. I also thought that Christians did not own the traditional Gypsy and Pagan businesses like magic and witchcraft and traveling caravans.

The Witch says we have muggle ghosts here and they are parking in the houses sometimes. (laager)


Facebook Container


I called it link wrappers but hey my server strips it off into my own little onboard link counter,.. which just says: Um,. we served a page or UM we served a image. We have no idea which ad you came from and do not care!

Latest Privacy Badger removes Facebook’s link tracking

The Electronic Frontier Foundation released a new version of Privacy Badger today for Chrome and Firefox that removes link tracking techniques that Facebook uses on its site to track outgoing link activity.

While Facebook knows exactly what its users do when they interact on the site, it would not know nearly as much about links to third-party sites that users interact with if it would not use a technique that is called link shimming.

The main idea behind link shimming is to use a wrapper around the original link so that all activity flows through Facebook servers first before the actual link target is loaded.

Facebook is not the only company that uses link shimming; many major Internet companies including Google or Twitter, use similar techniques.

The screenshot below demonstrates how skimmed links look like on Facebook. The link target is a page on Ghacks, but Facebook wrapped it around its own link target to track user activity.

Public Notice: Stop Seancing Around The LaVeys

Public Notice:  Stop Seancing Around The LaVey Family Sanctuary and Shrine

Howard Stanton’s family sanctuary and shrine.
His name was Howard Stanton he was author. He had a church with a powerful name. It still exists and his books have sold more after his death than they did in life —over a million copies now. It started a counterculture movement and in reality a “popular culture church“—it really depends on the decade you are talking about—that church became something very different in Los Angeles. Some of the family created a Hekate Sanctuary and Shrine and it’s not appropriate to seance around it.

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Magic and Witchcraft News: Discover The Secret World of Zagreb Witches
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In LA the church and it’s name was very real to a lot of people but at it’s heart it’s still a author’s family who started a Church with a very recognizable trademarked name. One could say it’s bigger than L Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology. Why? It’s all about “Magic and Witchcraft” and Philosophy. The actual legal worldwide religions trust that family and that church to this very day.

Redlands CA plays a game with a “exclusive club of people” who seance each other’s houses. They also use “seancing” as social extortion at night and sometimes during the day.  They probably started seancing the real devils a long time ago. If you caught some of those christians “devil worshipping” everybody was extremely embarrassed. That’s the really old school christian term for it. Historically this ties into the other kind of “spiritualistic type people who do this kind of thing at night” who have a tendency to be involved with the christian spirituality movement.

I am personally upset with people that “seanced the spirit” or “received the messages” around Zeena [LaVey] Shreck and her brother years ago as well as in the past 5 years or so locally. It was “christian church business, the fake spiritualism kind” that ruined my business life for over 15 years. The people involved included some of my adopted family members and old friends as well as “local spiritualists”. I mostly ignore them except when they are seancing for “messages from the spirit”. In General more and more local churches have “spiritualism” programs or use the words. What’s my business you ask? Publishing of course. What does my family do? They have a publishing business and a churchAnti Trust – Fair Trade laws come to mind here.

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We added a new section to the website called: Magic and Witchcraft News.
All positive magic and witchcraft no negative articles or links. Some people call it edited news or curated news.

Welcome Home

Church Business

Do you believe in Magic?
This is what you need to know.

I forget that people do not know this stuff off the top of their head.

Witch Info

Mediums seance or “call human ghosts or ancestors”
(sometimes it’s fake and they are real people who are alive outside the home or wherever the medium lives or works”

Witches sometimes call “spirits, powers, demons and the devils”
(Gods and Goddesses “usually”)

If you seance around a witch or a circle of witches there is usually a “guardian demon or devil” protecting the The Magic Witches and Wizards. When you “call the ghosts” or seance around The Magic Witches and Wizards you don’t know which “spirit” or god or goddess it is.

Christians do not appreciate it when people seance around them because they don’t want to have “extra demons around, either real people or actual demons” Who knows what the mediums drag in? You have to ask a medium “what spirit” they usually work with first. If you can’t hear it you are fine.

In Religious Reality: If Christian Spiritualists or Witches are too loud when they do it they attract the attention of the spirit (or local demon or whatever it is), if you blaspheme it watch out. (Yes I am talking about real spirits and fake ones also)

You know how upset I am with my own ex-friends and ex-family members who seanced around me? They had a rule that if I ever went back to my original religion that they would not “seance” around me. They always said their magic secret was “I was the man with all the ghosts” so they could not talk to me at night or when they were around me and I could not physically see them. (The part about all the ghosts is not true in reality) I have finally had enough and pretty much don’t care about them anymore because they never stopped séancing. They wake me up on purpose, or try to scare me to “keep him in  a spiritual state” because when he’s awake we get the messages!

The local Christian mediums keep it a secret when they find a real live spirit, then believe it or not some of them have tried to train it or capture it and take it to their church. This causes problems with people that live by a Hekate Goddess Sanctuary and Shrine. They knew it was here for 18 years and they used their contact with a “live spirit” in their Christian ministries for evil purposes.

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Other Church Business

Christian Info

Preacherman Preacherman Preacherman Thief.
Some “old time” tent revivalists would “imitate the spirit of god” when they had a revival. If it was a good revival and people received messages from “God” or “the holy spirit” people would give more money if they were thrilled or “felt a thrill” when they went to those churches and meetings.

One of the problems we had at APC [now ACC] in Arcadia in the years of 1975-1985 is we started up a charismatic church group (or had a interest group) that met at one of the houses next to the church. The church owned the house as an office. Lo and behold we started having people megaphone the building. They were professionals, and went from revival to revival. They always wanted something, usually money. Other times they tried to whisper at people who were praying so they thought they were hearing the holy spirit. We had to call the police at times to get rid of them. Some times they told the police department they were Christians who were “security against the devil worshipers who would try to interrupt the meetings” I am sure you can see how that worked. Their friends would “cast their voices” or try to deliver messages from God to each other or people at the church meeting and if enough people believed in it then the group flourished. Some times one family member would do this (cast their voice or send their messages) to their own family as well as other church members and their own family never knew. Most times they have an accomplice or a friend or two that’s in on it.

Let me repeat this one more time in another way for myself:
You need to be wary of anyone who has claimed a “supernatural gift” when they go to a christian church. They will fake it with their friends for social extortion which can lead to financial gain. Christian mediums are especially hard on living magic and witchcraft people.

It’s sad when you figure it out and often times the crime never goes reported because it really is Social Extortion and is sometimes tied into racism. Which in reality to me seems to me to be just a big ol’ mess of:

Racism = Social Extortion

Go away from me when you seance please: The old rule was at least a 1/2 a mile away. I don’t respect spiritualism or spiritualists when they do this.

Just to be clear I am not upset with the LaVeys



From wikipedia:
In the religion of Spiritualism, and the religion of Divine Metaphysics (a federally recognized religious branch out of Spiritualism in the United States), it is generally a part of services to communicate with living personalities in the spirit world. Usually, this is only called “séance” by outsiders; the preferred term for Spiritualists is “receiving messages”. In these sessions, which generally take place in well-lit Spiritualist churches or outdoors at Spiritualist camps (such as Lily Dale in upstate New York or Camp Cassadaga in Florida), an ordained minister or gifted contact medium will relate messages from spirit personalities to those here in the physical form.[4] Generally Spiritualist “message services” or “demonstrations of the continuity of life” are open to the public. Sometimes the medium stands to receive messages and only the sitter is seated;[6] in some churches, the message service is preceded by a “healing service” involving some form of faith healing.[7]

Featured image from:  A photo taken of the A.K. Smiley Library from the air. NRHP Reference #76000513 Date:  This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

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From and Youtube Preview from SF Opera: “Rusalka” Teaser – Summer 2019 San Francisco Opera takes you on A FAIRY TALE…

Addendum please note:
Do not misunderstand me, talking to your ancestors is perfectly fine as is visiting a spot where a loved one died. Many traditions incorporate practices like these all over the world. Christian medium-ship is what I am talking about here because some practitioners are not aware that talking to ghosts leads to a kind of affinity or friendship with the spirits of the dead. Eventually they beckon you toward the other side grasping at you from beyond the grave. They want you to be friends with them and they want you to be with them all the time. This becomes very sad and tragic sometimes.

If you are talking to your loved one and they loved you in life then they will love you in death and not hurt you. You can ask them for protection if you want to. Usually they can not protect you against really evil powers which is why if you talk to a spirit without knowing who or what it is OR using it’s name then it could be a ghost of a murderer or a very evil daimon. You can’t tell without using their names.

For example:
I know some people who travel to talk to the spirit of their mother or father at the sanctuary and I hear them park and talk sometimes. This is fine until they start crying and sometimes I do also because it’s very sad, but it helps them to get over their grief and I am OK with that.

You have to respect them when they do that. I do not respect people that do that to random spirits they sometimes hear in houses and they talk or yell at the house to receive the “christian or other spirit messages”. Christian mediums around here often times use a contact with a ghost in their religious practices but they do it without the ghosts permission. Or the people living in the area.  A spirit usually has a name, not always but usually. Sometimes someone will have talked to it enough to learn it’s name or named it themselves. A random ghost probably does not. You have to ask first.

This is what I was taught as a child and it is an oversimplification always seek wiser council when you are learning. It is also traditional to have your mother or father help explain it to you. [Warning for little magical witches and wizards, sometimes mom and dad might hear things that scare them too and they might have a explanation that sounds funny years later. “They are just trying to protect you” 🙂 ]